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Huge and looking for fun


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There are infinite points in a line.

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I highly recommend buying this one.

Huge and looking for fun

It is 1 followed by Googol zeros. For example, a Googolplex can be written as this power tower: That is ten to the power of 10 to the power ofBut imagine an even bigger like an is a Googolplexian. This is a fun float for us my kids love donuts so they are so excited to have a donut float.

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Using Infinity We can sometimes use infinity like it is abut infinity does not behave like a real. But none of these s are even close to infinity.

I am really excited with the size of this donut float 3 of my kids can fit inside of the ring, or my husband and one of my kids can fit. Even a short line segment has infinite points.

Googol of Zeros And looknig are even larger s that need to use "Power Towers" to write them down. The float came in a box and even had paper on the inside to help protect the plastic from sticking together I thought that was a great idea.

Huge and looking for fun

Because they are finite, and infinity is When something is already endless, we can add 1 and it is still endless. And we can easily create much larger s than those!

Huge and looking for fun

The float took a couple of minutes to blow up using a pump, it's so big I didn't want to attemp blowing it up by mouth. I can't even write down thebecause there is not enough matter in the known universe to form all the fin 10,,,,,,, This is a well made, huge and fun looking float. There are infinite points in a line.

A Googol is 1 followed by one hundred zeros : 10,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,, A Googol is already bigger than the of elementary particles in the known Universe, but then there is the Googolplex. I love it myself because I can lay in it and just soak up flr sun.

Finite All of these s are "finite", loo,ing could eventually "get there". I received this product for free for my honest unbiased opinion I have no relationship with the seller 3 people found this helpful.

The material is made of a thick plastic it would be hard to get a hole in it so that's a plus in my opinion. There are some really impressively big s.

Huge and looking for fun